Thank you from your winner – Koi!

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We asked Koi to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said…

Today is the Monday after the I’m a Scientist event and I’m sitting at same library desk where I sat for most of the live chats…I can say I’m missing the questions and the fast-paced live chat! It has been a great experience taking part in the I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here and there are so many things to be thankful for!

Thank you all the students for your energy and all the questions and thank you all teachers for seeing the value of this event and for helping it run smoothly. I enjoy all sort of questions from those to do with parasites, those not to do with parasites, to those not to do with science! It would be hard to pick a favourite question but one of my favourite moments was when I was asked about the most disgusting parasite, I said what I think can be “visually” disgusting and there was a mixture of “Ewwww” and “Wowww” in the chat. Thanks moderators for not kicking me out of the chat for doing that :).

On that note, I would like to thanks all the moderators for the amazing work. It was professional, it was fun, and it was friendly; I totally would love to work with you all again. Thank you for putting everything together and providing us with all the important information (and thanks for tolerating my occasional grim puns in the staffroom).

Other scientists in the Parasite Zone are all wonderful and I’m so happy to be in the zone with them. Mark, Franco, Claire, and Linda – thank you for all your contribution to the questions, the live chat, and for making our zone a homely community. I have learnt a lot from you all about sciences and about life of a scientist too!

Thanks the British Society of Parasitology (BSP) from where I heard about this event. Thanks people at the Sanger Institute and beyond who have been so supportive about me taking part and cheering me through out. And thank you the Wellcome Trust for your generosity and funding.

Lastly, I’m humbled to have played a little part in showing how science and scientists can be like and I hope this has inspired people to find out more about science and keep asking questions!

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